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University of Tehran (UT) is the oldest and largest educational, scientific and research center in Iran, usually referred to 'Mother University'.
UT was inaugurated officially in 1937 as a state-run university and has long been trying to provide an excellent academic environment at all levels of education in a large number of disciplines. Aras International Campus (UTAIC), within the main structure of the UT, has the honor to benefit from the vast experiences, qualified professors, and well-established programs of UT.

UTAIC will select local and international students who can succeed in harnessing our diverse and modern academic and research facilities. Through the development of strong scientific links with local and foreign educational and research institutions, UTAIC continues to uphold the highest quality both in education and research.

Applications are evaluated on an individual basis. After their academic and educational records have been reviewed, applicants may be interviewed before any decision is made regarding their application. In order to go through the Application Process Scheme (APS), postgraduate applicants should present their approved university degree along with a confirmed list of the scores they obtained in the various courses they had passed at their previous level of education. The applicants are usually informed of the results of APS as soon as possible.

English language is considered very important in this campus so that in classes with any number of foreign students, the language of instruction will be English.

All Applicants should REGISTER HERE  to get the Online Application forms.


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