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Collaborating with the private sector, University of Tehran, Aras International Campus (UTAIC) intends to provide suitable accommodation for foreign students. However, in this regard, UTAIC does not shoulder any responsibility for local students. Indeed, the general policy of UTAIC is to transfer such services to private sectors and support them to enhance their contribution in making welfare and educational facilities. In this regard, UTAIC is in contact with many private sectors and individuals to encourage them to invest in such cases. Some interested applicants have already been introduced to relevant organizations so that they would benefit from facilities such as low- interest loans and land for constructing accommodation. On the other hand, many measures have been taken by the  authorities in the Aras Free Trade and Industrial Zone (AFTIZ), in recent months, to attract numerous investors who are willing to be active in making such student facilities. Therefore, we are quite positive that a good variety of student accommodation, as well as other facilities, will be constructed and put into use in very near future.


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