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It is of paramount importance for the University of Tehran (UT), which has been a pioneer in higher education in IR of Iran and the second most important university in Asia within the last 10 consecutive years, to attend to generating science and knowledge in all fields. That is why the authorities in University of Tehran, Aras International Campus (UTAIC) have paid special attention to enriching sources and implementing a new technology at the UTAIC library. Moreover, as UTAIC perceives new international horizons, improving research facilities entails a rich library capable of developing access to up-to-date international resources.

UTAIC has been quite successful in establishing a good library just from its inauguration in 2010. Along with having access to UTAIC Library, all students can easily use UT Central Library facilities as well as all sources available in the libraries of 36 UT Faculties, Colleges, and Research Centers. Furthermore, all Faculty members and students can benefit from two UT on-line libraries, Digital Library and Daneshyar Network. They are liable to have access to more than 40,000 journals, over 70,000 e-books, 100,000 theses and dissertations, and 22,000,000 abstracts in various academic disciplines anytime and anywhere free of any charge.

UTAIC Library is doing its best to ever increase its sources and facilities everyday and hopefully there is no financial and personnel limit in this regard.



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