About the Aras International Campus

The purpose and mission of the Campus

  • Reducing the departure of applicants to resume studying at graduate levels abroad
  • Creating the potential of admission capacity for students who are studying in foreign countries especially the neighboring countries of the northwest provinces of our country, to return.
  • Recruiting foreign students to develop international activities of University of Tehran
  • The optimal use of the latent capacities and facilities of the University of Tehran

Regarding the policies adopted at the Strategic Council of the Aras International Campus, typically, students are admitted to the major that the creation of that major agreed upon by the academic department and the relevant commission at the university. In this case, all necessary coordination regarding offering the curriculum in that major, choosing the professors to present the lessons, reviewing and approval of proposals and treatises, and determining of supervisors and counselors, as well as the selection of referees for defense sessions by a representative who is introduced to the campus from each faculty and has received a delegation from the Aras International Campus, is done.